Advanced PDF Encryption Remover

Advanced PDF Encryption Remover 1.7

It is a program that automates the task of removing encryption from PDF files

Advanced PDF Encryption Remover is a small program to remove the encryption of pdf files.
PDF is the most popular file type used in the internet for viewing documents.
Almost all the websites use it to give some downloadable information.
The security for the files can be quite useful if we do not need anyone to copy or edit our files. We can set the security to disable anyone to copy text, print the document, edit the file, etc.

This one is a small program that has an easy to use interface. Just select the file you need, enter the password in the given box, and click "Remove the encryption and passwords" button. PDF will be saved without any security setting.

One main thing is that you must know the password of the pdf file. This is really not a hacking or cracking tool and it cannot find out / remove the password or other security like the certificate security of PDF files, without knowing the password. If you are the user who created the file, or if you know the password, you can remove all the security. Anyway, it is pointless to buy a program to remove the password security of PDF files that you created; means you can make the copy of the same without the security.
PS: There is not known software to crack the password of the pdf file!

Zack Martin
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  • Small Program
  • Easy to use
  • Fast execution


  • You need to know the password to remove the security!
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